#Poetry #friENDS

Ropes, Knifes, Medicines

They Are My Friends

The Only Friends I Have When No One Was There For Me

They Don’t Have Ears

But They Are Listening To My Nonsense And Endless Talks

They Don’t Have Hands

To Hug Or Wipe My Tears

But I Feel Them Everytime I Pick Them Up

And Allow Them To Touch My Skin

And Enter The Life Of Mystery

I Know They Feel My Misery

But They Don’t Scram After They Know My Story

They Just Stare And Left Me With Scars And Right The History For Me

When… When I Can’t Write It With My Hands So They Write It Down In To My Body


You’re Once My World

#Poetry #Love

I Don’t Remember You’re Whole Story,

The Whole You

I Only Remember Just A Part Of You

That You’ve Shared With Me

The Time We’ve Spent

The Stories We’ve Told

The Tears We’ve Wiped

The Laughters We’ve Shared

The Memories Of Us

I Can’t Remember Your Face Clearly

I Only Remember

Your Eyes, How It Looks At Me

Your Nose, How It Smells The Scent Of The Flowers I Gave

Your Lips, How It Smiles And Kisses Mine

The Way It Says You Love Me

I Don’t Think Of You As Much As I Do Before

Yet Your Not So Clearly Face Flashes In My Dreams

I Can’t Recognize Your Voice

But I’ve Heard Your Voice Through A Half Burned Photograph

I Can’t Figure Out Your Body Built

But I Still Know How Your Hands Fitted In Mine

The Way It Touches My Heart

And The Way You Wrapped Me In Your Arms

Many Years Have Passed

And Still Your Memories Still Lingers Here

I Can’t Remember Your Name, Your Face, Your Figure

But The Half Of Me Knows

That You’re Once My World